Denver Broncos at the Bye: John Elway Should Trade for RG3


Sep 14, 2014; Landover, MD, USA; Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (10) watches after throwing the ball against the Jacksonville Jaguars at FedEx Field. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the bye week, which means John Elway and the front office are going to have some fun going through film, looking at areas where this Denver Broncos team can improve, and what moves (if any) need to be made to make this roster better for the short and long term.

One situation that I’m personally monitoring pretty closely is the one in Washington with Robert Griffin III, who had a monster rookie season cut short by a knee injury that he re-aggravated, returned to early from, and probably made even worse. This is a guy who doesn’t look anything like the same player that won a Heisman Trophy and lit up the NFL in 2012, nor does he even appear to be the future of the Redskins anymore.

With Kirk Cousins having played well in relief every opportunity he’s had since 2012, it appears as though he’s finally ready to take the reins as the starting quarterback in Washington — for good.

Since I like to look at all the “what if” situations and play the role of GM, I think the Broncos should look into the situation at QB for the Redskins that is currently taking place. In my opinion, since the Redskins aren’t going to trade Cousins (nor would I expect them to at this point), I think the value of RG3 is as low as it could possibly be right now. If he gets benched permanently, it’ll be even lower.

The Redskins gave up a lot to get RG3, but the regime that traded for him is no longer there. This is a new group of guys running the show, and Washington has to clean up the house a bit. With RG3 simply not looking like himself at all, the Redskins could try to trade him for some decent value and I think the Broncos could provide that.

I’m not saying to trade a second round pick for the guy, maybe not even a third rounder at this point, but the Broncos could do a lot worse than to throw a conditional pick or two at the Redskins and see if they can develop Griffin.

This is a supremely talented athlete and quarterback who drew rave reviews from John Elway leading up to the 2012 NFL Draft. The Broncos’ backup QB situation is currently settled with Brock Osweiler, so they don’t have an immediate need for RG3. My proposal is that the Broncos try to buy low on RG3 and snake him away from the Redskins before some other team does, place him on IR, and let him learn from Peyton Manning.

Just see what happens.

This idea is likely never to come to fruition, but if the Redskins were willing to part with RG3 for a decent price, the Broncos would do well for themselves to call them up and see what that price was, and to stash Griffin for the rest of the year while he gets some much needed time to recover, and put into a much better situation than he’s currently.

So, to clarify —

1. I’m not saying the Broncos should be done with Peyton Manning

2. I’m not saying they should give up a really high pick

3. I’m not saying that RG3 would immediately supplant Brock Osweiler

4. I’m not saying this WILL happen

5. Have an open mind for three minutes 😉

You might not agree with this, but I think it’s a really intriguing option that the Broncos should look into, perhaps not right now however.