Broncos vs. Chiefs: Can Cody Latimer Get First TD on Sunday?


Aug 17, 2014; Santa Clara, CA, USA; Denver Broncos wide receiver Cody Latimer (14) catches a pass before the start of the game against the San Francisco 49ers at Levi

After playing just special teams against the Indianapolis Colts, rookie wide receiver Cody Latimer is looking to be worked in to the offensive rotation sooner rather than later, you’d have to think.

With a matchup against the Chiefs, and a lack-luster second half performance by his fellow wide receivers last weekend, it’s possible the Broncos would try to throw Latimer into the mix. I stated when he was drafted that I expect him to be involved in the offense sooner rather than later, but Andre Caldwell’s experience has given him an edge, especially when it comes to running the hurry up offense with Peyton Manning.

I think the Broncos could be really creative in using Latimer on some pretty easy change of pace plays, getting him involved and getting him a chance to score his first NFL touchdown this weekend against the Chiefs. Here are a few ways they could try and do it.

Just Give Him The Ball

Throw the ball to him on a short screen pass, and watch what he can do with it. Latimer is big, strong, and fast. He can make plays with the ball in his hands and is very good after the catch. It wouldn’t have to be anything complicated, just throw him in in the red zone package, and let him run free.

Jet Sweep

The Jet Sweep is sweeping the NFL right now. The Broncos did a little version of it last week with Emmanuel Sanders, and he gained pretty good yardage off of it. Latimer is such a good athlete, it would be wise of the Broncos to try and somehow get him some reps with the ball in his hands, even if they have to simply hand it to him.

Go Deep

Eric Decker and the Broncos blew the top off the Chiefs’ defense last year. With even more favorable matchups this time around, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to send Latimer deep against the Chiefs secondary and see if he can win one.

The Slot

The Broncos don’t have Wes Welker for another week, so maybe give a shot at putting Latimer in the slot. He’d be a matchup nightmare, might get some looks against linebackers, and can also move around and block from that position. This is an area they could really exploit the Chiefs’ defense.

Bottom Line

The Broncos I think failed in week one at not putting Latimer in the game, even if just to swing him the ball on a quick screen or hand it off to him on an end around. There’s no reason an athlete like that should be rotting on the bench, except for the Broncos felt like he wasn’t ready for their hurry up offense yet. At the end of the game, I was surprised the ‘best blocking receiver’ in the draft didn’t get some looks and try to help them close out the game in that regard.

We’ll see if that changes on Sunday.