Peyton Manning dominating Andrew Luck in jersey sales


The Denver Broncos got their hands on Peyton Manning after the Indianapolis Colts discarded him like he was day-old bread but the joke is all on Indy at this point. While Andrew Luck is a pretty decent quarterback and may have Peyton Manning-like success in his career, right now there is only one man dominating the rivalry and he’s not from Indianapolis.

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Manning was pushed out of Indianapolis thanks to the arrival of Luck and while he’s not trying to be bitter about it, someone as competitive as Manning is very clearly bothered by his exit from Indianapolis. He’s reinventing himself in Denver though, and not only has he had the upper hand on Luck so far this season on the field but he’s taking him to task in another area as well.

After beating Luck and the Colts in Week 1, Manning is also leading the Colts quarterback in weekly jersey sales through the first weekend of the season, according to DICK’s Jersey Report.

Not only that, but Luck is playing the part of always a bridesmaid never a bride when it comes to jersey sales for the season as well.

There are rivalries in sports and then there’s Luck vs. Manning which isn’t so much a blood feud as it is Manning trying to put Luck in his place as a young quarterback. There’s no denying Luck as skills and popularity, but he can’t push Manning off the top of the jersey sales charts the way he pushed him out of Indianapolis.

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