Denver Broncos Final Roster Projection: Big Cuts Looming?

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Quarterback: 2 (2/53)

  • Peyton Manning
  • Brock Osweiler

The Broncos kept Zac Dysert really under wraps this preseason. Whether they wanted to see as much as possible of Brock Osweiler or hide Dysert will not be known until roster moves are made, but my guess is that they want to try to sneak Dysert on the practice squad because they know their roster is too deep to have him on the sideline as a weekly inactive. If Dysert is claimed by another team, he’ll have to be on their 53-man roster. If some other team really wants to do that, then good on ’em. The Broncos can’t make that a major factor in this because Dysert is not key to their Super Bowl goals in 2014. That absolutely has to be considered.