Denver Broncos Final Roster Projection: Big Cuts Looming?

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Practice Squad: 10 Available Slots

  1. Zac Dysert, QB
  2. Kapri Bibbs, RB
  3. Corey Nelson, LB
  4. Matt Paradis, OL
  5. John Boyett, S
  6. Louis Young, CB
  7. Jordan Sullen, DB
  8. Ryan Miller, OL
  9. OPEN
  10. OPEN

I don’t know if those are the players the Broncos will choose to keep on the practice squad or not. Basically, I wanted to get down some of the names I felt like should be priorities to bring back to develop. The top three names obviously being Dysert, Bibbs, and Nelson. I think after that, you like the upside we saw from those other players but those spots could be up for grabs and will be decided by guys with more in-depth scouting reports than me.

Bit of a shocker — I don’t think the Broncos will keep any of their current WRs on the practice squad unless Burse is cut. They simply didn’t show out in the preseason. Too many guys dropped passes and didn’t show ability on special teams. It was a disappointment for the Broncos, who will be shopping for waiver wire receivers.