Peyton Manning Fined $8,268 For Taunting D.J. Swearinger, Says ‘Money Well Spent’


The Ginger Hammer has struck again. Today, the NFL handed down a fine for Peyton Manning’s taunting penalty last Sunday vs the Houston Texans. The amount? $8,268.

The taunting penalty came towards the end of the 2nd quarter. Just a few plays before, Texans safety, D.J. Swearinger, hit Wes Welker in the head with his shoulder, leading to the slot receiver’s 3rd concussion in less than 10 months. Of course, Welker did not return.

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Only a play or two later, Manning threw a beautiful strike down the right sideline for a TD to Emmanuel Sanders. Manning then ran down the field and got in Swearinger’s grill, where the expletive that starts with an ‘F’ and ends with a ‘You’ was uttered by the Sheriff.

Manning was flagged for a personal foul. Unsportsmanlike Conduct. Taunting. The team was penalized on following kickoff 15 yards.

After the game, Manning commented on the penalty via the Denver Post:

"“I think if you’re going to get one (penalty), that’s a good time to get one.”"

When asked what Swearinger had to say in response to Manning’s epithet, the Sheriff said this:

"“Yeah, he said, ‘Thanks. I appreciate it. Good luck to you, as well.'”"

Scathing. Withering. You’ve got to love Peyton Manning. In his response to the fine handed down to him today by the league office, Manning said this to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.

And there you have it. Manning doth not suffer fools. And D.J. Swearinger? I’ll let you describe his character in the comments section below.