Broncos Kicker Matt Prater Suspended Four Games


Following the Denver Broncos loss to the Houston Texans, it was released to the public that Broncos kicker Matt Prater would be suspended the first four games of the season.

This explains why the Broncos have been giving Mitch Ewald a lot of time on kickoffs and on field goals. The details are still scarce, but more should be known over the next few days. From earlier reports the suspension came from him drinking a beer at home. But, there has to be more to it than just that. That is not enough to suspend a player in the NFL.

There are some free agent options at kicker, but all of them are either as bad at Ewald, or worse and at this point would cost more.

That isn’t all Vic Lombardi had to say on the night either.

That makes the Jordan Norwood injury even worse. His spot was guaranteed at this point. Like Vic Lombardi said, it is even worse with Wes Welker going through concussion protocols.