Denver Broncos Preseason Game 2 Player/Position Grades

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Aug 17, 2014; Santa Clara, CA, USA; Denver Broncos running back Juwan Thompson (40) knocks over San Francisco 49ers defensive back C.J. Spillman (27) while running the ball in the third quarter at Levi

Running Backs:

Ronnie Hillman: B

C.J. Anderson: B+

Juwan Thompson: B

Brennan Clay: B-

Kapri Bibbs: B

Jerodis Williams: D

Overall: C+

The running game of the Broncos did not look as good as a group against the 49ers. However, current starter Ronnie Hillman looked strong as a runner. At times though, he either didn’t see the open hole, or was afraid to take on a defender one on one, and ran into the pack. C.J. Anderson looked strong coming back from a concussion, as a runner and a receiver. Thompson did not look as good running, but at this point the offensive line was not much help. Where Thompson did look great was as a receiver, blocker and on special teams. He is, probably, the best blocking RB on the roster.

Like Thompson, Clay did not get much help from the OL. But, he didn’t help himself either when he stumbled on a few runs. He did show up as a blocker a couple of times, but his time is slowly coming to an end. Bibbs stumbled on what, most likely, would have been a touchdown run. Outside of that, he looked good. He also showed up on special teams, which is key when you are trying to make the roster. Williams looked rough in his few snaps. His time in Denver is rapidly coming to a close.