Enter the Film Room: Denver Broncos vs Houston Texans

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Aug 2, 2014; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Broncos outside linebacker Lerentee McCray (55) and outside linebacker Nate Irving (56) warm up prior to the start of a scrimmage at Sports Authority Field. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Texans RBs/TEs vs Denver’s LBs


The Texans TE’s are close to great blockers. They can do it for a short time, or extended period of time. They know how to maneuver the defenders to opening the hole. How they do it, is what really stands out. They use the defenders momentum to aid them. That is not something you see often with TE’s, but when you do see it, it is in the excellent blocking TE’s.

The RBs are quick, tough and have good vision. Their legs never stop churning. All of their RBs have great size, and for the most part, are hard to take down. They can find a hole, which does not even look to be there. They can make themselves small to fit through any hole. If they get into the second level with blockers in front, it will be hard for less physical defensive backs to bring the play to an end.


The Texans TE’s are a solid pass catching bunch. Some are more effective than others, obviously. They run crisp routes and can find the opening in the defense. The Broncos LBs are going to have to stay close to their assignment. If they don’t, these TE’s have surprising speed to breakaway. If the TE’s are kept in to block, they look just as good as they do in run blocking.

The Texans like to use the RBs in the pass game, often out in the flats. When they get into a one on one, the QB will dump it off and let the RB make a play. Something they can do very well. When used in a screen, it is hard to get past the moving blockers in front. But, when a defender does, it is just as hard at times to bring the RB down. When they are asked to stay in and block, there are issues as a group. They are physical, but tend to not handle a strong push at the contact point.