Enter the Film Room: Denver Broncos vs Houston Texans

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Jun 10, 2014; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Broncos free safety Rahim Moore (26) during mini camp drills at the Broncos practice facility. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Texans WRs vs Denver’s DBs


With how physical the Broncos DBs are, there should be no reason for them to get beaten by the Texans WRs on a run play. Outside of one WR, they struggle. A big reason is size, they just don’t have much of it. Yes, they have WRs over six-foot, but they don’t have the weight to help anchor. Another issue is they lack the knowledge and skill set to be effective.

What they tend to do is, instead of actually engaging, they use their bodies to force the DB into another direction, or just slow them down long enough. Anyone can block for a short time, the point is to get in the way long enough. That is where they do well, but still not great. If they have to block for an extended time, they fail, miserably.


This is where the Broncos physical DB play can hurt them, or help them. If they can get up on the line, jam the receiver, it throws them off their route. But, if they fail at their jam, the speed and agility of some of these WRs, is an absolute killer.

Playing off-man coverage, or prevent, against the Texans, is not a wise move. They will take what is given and move the ball, running down the clock. Some of the Broncos DBs should really be able to shine with their athleticism and physicality. Bradley Roby and Omar Bolden, if they are allowed to play press-man, should see a lot of success.