Enter the Film Room: Denver Broncos vs San Francisco 49ers

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Players to be cautions with

Jimmie Ward

In the Ravens game, Ward was all over the place. In run support, he was a big reason the Ravens did not rush for more yards than they did. He was quick to the point of attack, found the ball carrier, and helped stop the play. In coverage, he has roaming ability. Wherever the ball was being thrown, Ward was around.

Craig Dahl

When Dahl blitzes, it is deadly. He gets to the line quickly, and can beat the offensive linemen around the corner to get after the QB. When he stays in coverage, he is a threat to take the head off of the receiver. In run support, he struggles if you get a blocker on him. Issue is, Dahl does a great job avoiding blockers to make the play.

Clinton Dial and Mike Purcell

When running the ball, avoid these two, especially Dial. Purcell sits on the right side of the DL and can win just about any one on one match-up, but struggles with double teams. With Dial, he is the reason the Broncos need to avoid running off the right guard. He is strong and long, even if the OL looks like he has him beaten, he doesn’t. Dial will use his long arms to get them onto the ball carrier and his strength to drag them down.

Tank Carradine and Lawrence Okoye

For Carradine, he is talked about in the Broncos OL against 49ers pass rush, but there is more to him. His run defense is solid. He was about the only good edge player to set the edge. Issue was, there was no follow-up from his teammates. For Okoye, he won’t put up great numbers. His strength comes in opening space for others. He has great strength to manipulate blockers to put others in a position to succeed. Like Dial against the run, Okoye may look beat, but has the long arms to latch on and the strength to bring them down.