Enter the Film Room: Denver Broncos vs San Francisco 49ers

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Broncos pass coverage vs 49ers passing game

The 49ers had a hard time moving the ball in the air against the Ravens. Against the Broncos, it should be a similar story. The 49ers pass catchers are a physical bunch, so the match-up with the Broncos DB’s is fitting. Both sides are very physical.

The Broncos DBs need to be aware of the ball in the air. Of course, that can be said for any game. However, it is especially true against the 49ers. The 49ers QB’s are not an accurate bunch. If the Broncos keep an eye for the ball in the air, they can break and go for a potential interception.

You cannot see the ball very well, but it is by the 0 in 30. If you look at the WR/DB on the bottom of the screen, the Ravens DB is not paying attention. This pass ended up being incomplete, it was just behind the WR. Oh and there was a flag thrown on the Ravens defender for pass interference. If he was paying attention, he could have made a break for the ball, potentially interception the ball, which would have gone for a pick-6.

On this play, the Ravens defensive back was aware of the ball being thrown. He managed to make a break, coming around the 49ers receivers back. The play ended with the Ravens DB picking the pass off. Both this pass and the last one, were from Blaine Gabbert. Both times he was under serious pressure. (Remember from the previous page?)

Gabbert is not the only one to make those type of throws. Kaepernick, in his limited time, made a few. Josh Johnson made some as well. If the Broncos remain aware, they should have plenty of opportunities for a takeaway.

I mentioned, previously, the physicality of the 49ers receivers. They should match up extremely well with the physical defensive backs of the Broncos defense. Aqib Talib and Kayvon Webster should shine in having a physical match-up.

The last thing, the defense needs to stay disciplined. The 49ers like to use the play-action, and they do so with great effectiveness. Everyone on the offense does an excellent job in making it look like a run. Defensive ends, watch the roll-out, keep contain. If they don’t, the QBs are a threat to make something through the air, or on the ground.