Enter the Film Room: Denver Broncos vs San Francisco 49ers

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Broncos pass rush vs 49ers offensive line

The Broncos showed they have an excellent pass rush against the 49ers. All game they were putting pressure on the QB. The 49ers offensive line did a swell job holding the pass rush of the Ravens at bay. However, the Ravens are not as talented as the Broncos in those regards.

One of the focal points in rushing the QB for the Broncos needs to be the interior push, especially if/when Blaine Gabbert is in the game. Each QB struggled when faced with interior pressure, especially if the DEs kept contain on the QB. If the DEs did not keep contain, they took off running. With Gabbert, he crumbled under the pressure and often put a throw off the mark (more on this on the next page).

Like previously mentioned Johnathan Martin and Joe Looney on their run protection. Their pass protection was not a lot better. Martin showed a weakness handling speed rushers. He couldn’t kick out fast enough to seal the corner. When rushed with power, Martin was able to end the battle in a stalemate. For Looney, power rush is his weakness. He was easy for the Ravens to get underneath and overpower to penetrate the backfield, or push him back for pressure.

When blitzing, the Broncos need to be aware of the running backs. They are good at blitz pickup, especially Hyde and Hampton. Multiple times the Ravens brought a blitz, only for the free blitzer to get knocked off-balance by the RB, giving the QB enough time to get rid of the ball.

The last thing they rushers must do, get their hands up. The QBs have a tendency for a low release, which are easy to knock down, if the hands are up. The few times the Ravens got their hands up, the play ended with a knocked down, or tipped pass at the line of scrimmage. If they can get their hands on a pass, the guys in coverage have a shot at an interception.