Enter the Film Room: Denver Broncos vs San Francisco 49ers

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This is all based from one preseason game. During practice a lot can change. Not even in practice can a lot change, but in the way they plan for the game. The Ravens the plan for the defensive backs could’ve been to play more soft coverage, but for the Broncos they may plan to play more press man coverage.

There are plenty of ways that the Broncos can take advantage of the 49ers on their way to winning the game. If I, an amateur, can find these weaknesses in a few hours of film study, I am positive the professionals for the Broncos can find them as well. However, it needs to be remembered, the 49ers have professionals doing the same for the Denver.

Whatever the outcome, this will be a great game. Plenty of Broncos will have the opportunity to shine. Hopefully, they take advantage of their opportunities and do just that.

Thanks for joining me in this weeks Enter the Film Room. Next week the Denver Broncos face the Houston Texans, and I will be breaking down the Texans games in advance of the game.