Why The Denver Broncos Should Only Roster 2 Quarterbacks In 2014


Over the last year, I’ve been a proponent of Zac Dysert. Honestly, I felt like he had a stronger preseason in 2013 than Brock Osweiler did. The Broncos obviously were impressed enough by what they saw out of Dysert to justify a spot on the 53-man roster.

Here’s the thing though. Even though I was more impressed by Dysert last year, than I was by Osweiler, I was disappointed that they kept Dysert on the final roster.

I hate to invoke platitudes or cliches, but for a team that has “Super Bowl or Bust” aspirations, why keep a third QB on the roster?

If you’re an NFL team who has an unproven starting QB, or an injury-prone starter, then okay, I understand why you’d want to keep 3 guys.

But other than 2011, when Peyton Manning missed the entire season due to his neck injury, he has been a rock. He won’t miss, or come out of a game, as long as he’s conscious.

Remember last year vs the Chargers when the Broncos were trying to ice them out, late in the 4th quarter? And Manning had injured his ankle (turned out to be a high ankle sprain).

He was down and didn’t immediately get back up. When he did finally get up, he refused, absolutely and unequivocally, to leave the game. The game was still on the line and the Sheriff doth not cut and run.

That’s what type of player he is. Unless it’s a 2008 Tom Brady injury, like an ACL, or something of that ilk, Manning is going to be the starter.

And if Manning does have to miss time, Osweiler will have to steer the ship anyway. John Elway drafted him to be the franchise QB of the future.

If Manning went down and was lost for more than a couple of games, the Broncos’ season would be screwed anyway. But if Osweiler had to see some regular season action, and he struggled, what’s Elway going to do, bench him for the 3rd stringer?

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Not likely. So I submit to you, why not use that extra roster spot for a player who will impact the team now, and in the future? Dysert might impact the team way, way, way into the future, but he isn’t going to now.

Kenny Anunike could very well impact the team now. So could Shaquil Barrett, or Kapri Bibbs. The Broncos might have a gem in Louis Young, but they’re very unlikely to roster more than 6 CBs, if they keep a 3rd QB.

Do you see where I’m going with this? Listening to the 104.3 the FAN’s morning show on the way to work this morning, the guys made a great point.

QBs like Zac Dysert, as much as I’ve liked what I’ve seen from him so far, are a dime a dozen in every draft class. You can find a developmental QB in the middle to late rounds of every NFL draft.

The Broncos could be thinking along similar lines. As Erick Trickel pointed out earlier today, the team could have made the decision to keep Dysert out of preseason action last Thursday, simply because they don’t want him to show and get picked up on waivers by another team, should they end up waiving him with the hopes of sneaking him onto the practice squad.

The bottom line is this. Zac Dysert, unless there’s an epic loss at QB1, is not going to impact, or influence the destiny of the 2014 Denver Broncos in any way. And if they did have to turn to their #3 QB, the season would be over anyway.

So here’s to hoping that the Broncos only carry 2 QBs on the final 53-man roster this year and in it’s place, add an extra CB, or D-lineman, or LB, who can impact the team.