5 Denver Broncos Veterans On The Roster Bubble

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It’s that time of year. All across the NFL’s fruited plain, teams are going through the osmotic process of taking a roster upwards of 90 players and whittling it down to 53.

The Denver Broncos currently have 90 guys on their roster. Many of those players are young rookies, or unheralded veterans who are fighting tooth and nail to realize their lifelong dream of making it in the NFL. Most are veterans fighting a life or death battle to stay in the sunlight.

With a roster as deep as the Broncos’, you wouldn’t think that there would be much room for young, unproven guys to crack the roster. There are only so many spots to go around. But this year’s crop of undrafted rookie free agents, and others, have been competing hard, which will ultimately force the team to make some tough decisions.

Each year, guys fall by the wayside, including entrenched veterans. Based on what we’ve seen so far, throughout training camp and preseason action, here are 5 veterans who could find themselves on the outside looking in come September 7th.