Marvin Austin Impresses In Live Game Action For The Denver Broncos


The legend of Marvin Austin continues to grow in Denver. Last night’s preseason victory for the Denver Broncos, over the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks, was another chapter in said legend.

Austin saw extensive time with the 2nd and 3rd team defense. On the night, he was consistently disruptive, notching 1 tackle (for a loss), 1 QB hit and 1 sack.

The sack came on a stunt, in conjunction with Mitch Unrein. As I was listening to 104.3 the FAN in Denver on my way to work this morning, I heard a post-game interview of Austin by Vic Lombardi.

To paraphrase, Austin gave credit of the sack to Unrein. He said that the way the play was designed, it was supposed to be Unrein who looped in behind on the stunt, but right before the snap, Unrein reversed the play and it benefitted Austin.

That goes to show that Mitch Unrein is a smart, selfless, team-first player. He knew that if the play worked, Austin would get the credit. This underlines why the Broncos’ coaching staff loves Unrein. They’re going to have some tough decisions to make on the defensive line.

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Still, even though Unrein flipped the call, Austin still had to execute it. He did so with gusto. That wasn’t the only play that Austin made. He was a constant force up front.

After everything the 4th year player out of North Carolina has endured and overcome, I’m happy to see him thriving in Orange and Blue. Just last fall, he underwent a back surgery to correct an issue that could have ended his football career.

Homeboy couldn’t even strain when he was on the toilet, for risk of displacing a disk in his back. Redemption and relief. R and R.

There’s still a long way to go before we get to the final 53-man roster. Austin has looked loose and explosive. Let’s hope he can keep it going.