The 2014 Season Is Upon Broncos Country


Thursday, August 7th, 2014 it all starts – the 2014 season! Actually, the season doesn’t start tomorrow; truth be known, preparation for this season probably began before the 2013 season ended, or while the Denver Broncos were being severely thrashed in Super Bowl XLVIII by the Seattle Seahawks. For Bronco fans across the country, it all starts tomorrow.

Call it ironic, or possibly poetic justice perhaps, that the 2014 journey for the Denver Broncos starts where the 2013 journey ended – against the Seattle Seahawks. While the Thursday night preseason game against the Seahawks is very minor when compared to Super Bowl XLVIII, it is a starting point, and the new season obviously has to start somewhere in order to start the process of erasing the bitter Super Bowl loss.

All that being said, it is exciting that another season of Bronco football is right around the corner. While the coaches and players will use this game, as well as the other preseason games, to measure their progress and evaluate what needs to be improved, fans can just sit back and enjoy the ride. Whether you’re in the stadium or watching on television, it will be nice to see the Broncos in action – even if this game “doesn’t mean anything.” Who knows, a young player may rise up and impress coaches and fans alike.

So, do I have high expectations as the Broncos start their preseason docket? Not really, the main thing I want is for every player to stay healthy – absolutely the most critical item there is when it comes to the “meaningless” games. I would love to see the Broncos win each game but that doesn’t matter as much as staying healthy. There is a small part of me that hopes the Broncos win tomorrow and send Richard Sherman and the rest of the Seahawks back to the northwest with a loss…. even though it doesn’t matter. That could happen, and while Broncos fans would have a little bit of satisfaction, the Seahawks still have the last laugh – at least until week three of the regular season. If the Broncos don’t win, I would at least be content to see the starting offense drive down the field and score a touchdown.

Preseason game number one is step number one. As I look at the upcoming season, I am hopeful that the Broncos are improved from last year and they’re able to finish this year what they came so close to completing last year – a Super Bowl victory.

The season is long and a lot of things happen – I am so anxious to get it started. I have a feeling I am not alone in Broncos Country – we are like little kids on Christmas Eve!

Enjoy the season Bronco fans!

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