Five Denver Broncos Training Camp Roller Coasters


So far we have taken a look at Denver Broncos players who have risen, fallen and not shown up yet. Now it is time for players who have had an up and down time during training camp. The lows are not always based on bad play. Some of these players were looking great before an injury put them on the sideline, even if it was for a limited time. Other players while have great day followed by a bad one. Sometimes it’s even play to play. But, with all the time left the injured players have time to get healthy and start to rise again, while those have up and down performance days can turn it around and rise.

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5. Louis Young

Being part of three turnovers in two days was huge from Louis Young. He continued having strong days, though not as strong as those first two. He was showing his physicality and awareness on the field. A groin injury has landed him on the sideline for the last few practices. But, reports are that it is minor and he should be back before the game on Thursday. If he isn’t, he may be held out as a precaution. He should be expected back sometime in the next week and he will likely come out firing on all cylinders pushing for a spot on the 53-man roster.

4. Gerell Robinson

All performance based on this one. Gerell Robinson has had a rough go during training camp, but then to counter he has some plays of excellence. Robinson is a fan favorite to be the #4 TE, if the Broncos choose to carry four. However, he is listed as the #5 TE. With one year left of eligibility for the practice squad, which may be where Robinson is destined to go, unless he can turn around and put up consistent performances.

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  • 3. Bradley Roby + Kayvon Webster

    The first round pick has had a rough go adjusting to life in the NFL. He has been matched up with different WRs with mixed results. Emmanuel Sanders and Cody Latimer beat him multiple times early on, but with each day he is growing. His mistakes are not from a lack of ability, they are all based in knowledge of being an NFL CB. That comes with time. No need for worry, CB is one of the hardest positions to transition from college to the NFL.

    With Webster, he seems to be on the uphill climb. He had a rough start, but quickly started to turn things around. He has attached himself to the hip of Aqib Talib and there seems to be a bond. During one practice after one made a big play, the other would run up and celebrate with them. That bond will be huge going into the season with Webster down as the #3 CB. He catches a lot of flak for having a bad rookie year, but truthfully he was having a solid rookie year until a thumb injury occurred.

    2. Montee Ball

    Montee Ball is climbing as a runner, but as a blocker he has been really up and down. He has asked for a challenge and a challenge he has received. In 1v1 drills a few practices ago, Ball went up against Danny Trevathan and Nate Irving, to no success. Then in team drills, Ball picked up a T.J. Ward blitz giving Peyton Manning enough time to get the ball away. Blocking is vital for a RB in this offense and despite his struggles, Ball has improved upon his blocking from last year.

    1. DeMarcus Ware

    DeMarcus Ware has been huge for the Broncos and slowly showing that he was the best offseason signing. But he is still on this list for one reason. He suffered a bruised leg that kept him out of a few practices. A player, no matter how great they are, cannot show their greatness if they are sidelined by an injury. He has been back and good-to-go for a few days and has since been shining. His roller coaster ride may not have as low of drops as others, but he’s had the highest high points.

    Four of these players have their spot on the roster. But, with the exception of Ware, they need to show up more consistently. Webster and Roby need to show more consistency in coverage. When the games start and they are let lose, it will be fun to watch what they do. Ball must improve on his pass blocking. It was a major concern coming out of college and still remains a concern, until he proves otherwise. Young and Robinson are on the border for making the roster, if they want a chance consistency is needed. As is good health in the case of Young. Being more consistent can have a direct lead to more preseason snaps, more preseason snaps gives the players a better opportunity. Sometimes a better opportunity to show what you bring, is all that is needed.