Five Denver Broncos Training Camp No-shows


So far into training camp some players have risen, some have fallen, some have even done both. There are also some who have yet to show anything. Those players are the training camp no shows. These players may have shown something during OTA’s, but now is when it really matters. Preseason is a few days away and some of these training camp no shows will have to explode onto the scene to help them get a roster spot.

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5. Jerodis Williams

Being the last RB on the depth chart, it’s hard for Jerodis Williams to find the snaps to enable him to show what he can do. When he does get snaps it is a must that he makes the most of the opportunity. He cannot hold anything back or he may be looking at his third team in two years. With the first preseason game just a few days away, that will be his big chance to take some steps forward.

4. Matt Paradis

Being a rookie center in the Denver Broncos offense is no easy task. That is probably a big reason Paradis has yet to be spoken about. Right now he is set as the #3 center, but he brings a versatility to the team that Will Montgomery doesn’t, the capability to play anywhere on the offensive line. Yup, even is dire circumstances he can kick out to OT and play well. He needs to start showing immediately to try and get up on Montgomery as the backup center. If he doesn’t, he will be cut and might get picked back up for the practice squad.

3. Shaquil Barrett

One of my favorite undrafted free agents. I was surprised he didn’t get drafted and of course I don’t know why. Not all of what a team digs up is made known to the general public. He had some flashes during OTA’s, but this is training camp no shows and so far he has yet to show much of anything. When the games start I fully expect that to change. He may not explode necessarily, but he will at least show something as to why he should be kept around, even if it is only on the practice squad.

2. Kapri Bibbs

Coming out of Colorado State there was a lot of hype surrounding Kapri Bibbs, but so far that hype has flat-lined. During OTA’s and the rookie mini-camp there was a lot of good news coming out in regards to Bibbs. Now? It has all gone quiet. Is this a cause for worry? After some research, I would have to say no. There were reports from last year that Bibbs was struggling in practices with the Colorado State Rams, yet he went on to have an amazing year. From those reports, he sounds like the player who is hidden in camp but excels in games. I would much rather have a player like that than one who shines in practice and is missing in games. When the games start and Bibbs still has come around, then it is time for him to start worrying about his job.

1. Michael Schofield

The third round selection by the Broncos was highly ridiculed by myself and some colleagues of mine. So far, he has yet to show why he was drafted in the third round. However, there is no reason for worry. Like Paradis, Schofield is a rookie offensive linemen in the Broncos offense. He played right tackle in college and has been shuffled around since joining Denver. With the rules in place for training camp it is hard for offensive linemen to really show off. Their time normally occurs on game day. Schofield will get his chance. Hopefully he makes the most of it and shows that reason the Broncos drafted him in the third round.

Thankfully for these guys there is still a lot of time left. Right now it is hard to justify any of these players making the team right now, though some of them most likely would. These five players are ones that, when the games start, you have to keep an eye on. If they don’t start to show something, they will be left behind. Some more than others.