Five Denver Broncos Submerging


Training camp is well underway and the first Denver Broncos preseason game is just a few days away. So far majority of the reports out of training camp are extremely positive, but there are a few on the negative side. Those negative reports have to be a result of one of the players. Continue further down the line and look deep into the reports, some players are slowly submerging into obscurity. When you start to fall down the chart on your team, if you can’t stop it, you end up without a job in the NFL. Even if being jobless is temporary.

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For the Broncos there are some players doing such a thing, though not a whole lot. Five players specifically are on the downfall. Not always is the downfall due to bad performances though. Sometimes the reason comes from another player on the rise.

5. Greg Latta

The undrafted DE is one on submerging. He looked like he was starting to ascend until an injury sidelined him. With the injury Latta is unable to go out and show what he can do while others can. Kenny Anunike is taking advantage of his opportunities, which increased with Latta out. When he is healthy Latta can come back and turn things around but until then he is submerging into obscurity. He isn’t on this list for bad showings, he is one it for no showings right now and others rising.

4. Mitch Unrein

The reason Unrein is on here is a little similar to Latta. It isn’t bad health or bad showings, it’s because of another player on the rise. Marvin Austin has been shining bright in training camp. Meanwhile Unrein has been quiet. Unrein, however, was never a noise maker in practices. He shows up, does whatever is asked to the best of his capabilities. He also caught on as the fullback in goal line situations. That may no longer be enough though. Austin is making Unrein expendable and doing so at a rapid pace. Mitch needs to turn things around to have a shot in this ongoing battle.

3. Majority of the Second Unit Offensive Line

Remember Marvin Austin shining bright? Well he is part of a group that have made the second offensive line unit look like revolving doors, often. To be fair, the first offensive line unit has not looked a whole lot better. But they have one player at a new position and another coming back from injury who isn’t at 100% just yet. The second unit is just getting beat down by the defensive line. That just so happened to be the cause of them being on this list.

2. Duke Ihenacho

An undrafted free agent two years ago, Duke Ihenacho cracked the starting lineup last year. This year though, he is stuck behind newly signed T.J. Ward. He has no real competition for his spot as he is solidly set in as the #4 safety, with David Bruton as the #5 and special team ace. Despite that, Duke has not had good showing in training camp. His issues in coverage are clear and have been exploited in practice. Despite his falling, his roster spot isn’t in jeopardy yet. However, there is time for another safety to come into the picture and push Ihenacho to start getting better or push him off the roster. All it may take is for a player to get healthy…

1. Tony Carter

There has been no player having a rougher training camp than Tony Carter. Every day it seems that Carter was beaten by a WR for a big play. But it isn’t just one time I see it, its two or three! I have him as a long shot to make the roster and he has not helped his case any. With other cornerbacks rising and Carter falling, his time in Denver may come to an end. He will need to turn things around during the games to have a shot.

There is a lot of time left for these five to turn it around, but the clock is ticking. While these players fall there are others pushing and fighting trying to take their spot away. It is time for these players to take the step forward if they don’t want to risk losing out for a spot on the 53-man roster.