Peyton Manning Superhero Alterego: MegaManning


In an awesome piece, David Rappoccio, of TheDrawPlay, put together a fun exposition via SportsOnEarth, in honor of the newest entry in the Marvel cinematic universe, Guardians of the Galaxy.

Rappoccio created a superhero for each NFL team, with drawings via TheDrawPlay and explanations of powers.

His creation for the Denver Broncos?


"“Smarter than half the world combined but confined to a chair as his mobility grows weaker with each passing day. His age and lack of physical prowess can’t keep him down though, and he seeks to control the world. Avoids physical confrontations as much as possible, because he is easily thwarted if someone goes for the face punch.”"

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Follow the link above to see the drawing of MegaManning and peruse the other 31 Guardians of the NFL Galaxy.

You can follow David Rappoccio on Twitter at @DrawPlayDave.

You can also check out Fansided’s own Guardians of the Galaxy piece via LightlyBuzzed. Fun stuff.