Chris Harris You Are Cleared For Takeoff!


In January, in the playoff win against the Sand Diego Chargers, the Denver Broncos did suffer a loss. Chris Harris tore his ACL and was placed on IR, missing the AFCCG and the Super Bowl.

“I feel good about going up there. I should kill all those tests.”-Chris Harris

Today, July 28th, he went to Gulf Breeze, Florida to meet with Dr. James Andrew for his 6-most post-ACL checkup. His teammates were confident he would be given the all clear for limited practice, as was Harris himself.

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When training camp started last week, Harris landed on the PUP list. So he needed to pass today to start participating, even in a limited capacity, in practices. Thankfully, he passed his tests today and was given the go ahead. The question is, do the Broncos pull him off the PUP list and let him get to work, albeit limited, or leave him on there for a little bit extra time? Pulling him off for limited work is, in my mind, more beneficial as it gets him back involved in NFL style drills and workouts.

Dr Andrews said I looked as good as I can look after 6 months , 1 step closer Leggo .

— Chris Harris (@ChrisHarrisJr) July 28, 2014

All signs point to him being able to play week one against the Indianapolis Colts, although he may not be at 100% and therefore, limited. But it is on Harris and the Broncos coaching/training staff to get him ready. He will most likely miss the preseason, but regular season still has a chance. Only time will tell if he makes that goal.