John Boyett Providing A Spark In Training Camp


If John Boyett is known for anything, other than his run-in with the police in Indiana, it’s that he’s a bit of a hothead. Intense.

It’s one of the things that makes the former 6th round pick of the Indianapolis Colts such a good football player. Intensity and a willingness to mix it up.

According to Big Al Williams and Dmac of Denver’s 104.3 the FAN, Boyett has been doing just that in the early stages of training camp.

Listening to the Drive on the way home from work last night, I heard the hosts talk about Boyett’s level of play, before the pads even went on.

According to Big Al and Dmac, energy seemed to be a little bit lacking when the 2nd units were in 11-on-11s yesterday. The 2nd team offense was having their way with the 2nd team defense, moving the ball down the field.

Boyett took exception to that and ended up mixing it up a little bit with tight end, Gerrell Robinson. This emotional display of passion on the part of Boyett, sparked the defense and it ended up galvanizing them and raising their level of play, making it harder on the offense to execute.

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This type of fiery mentality, although it was with his own teammates, is just what the doctor ordered for a defense that was labeled ”soft” last year and sometimes referred to as a “finesse defense”. I’m sure Boyett will take exception to that, too.

Boyett played with and backed up T.J Ward at the University of Oregon. Ward is known for his physical style of play and hard-nosed mentality. Looks like it might have rubbed off on his protege.

Now, Ward and Boyett are reunited in the Orange and Blue. Boyett will have to make a positive impression on the Broncos’ coaching staff if he hopes to join Ward on the 53-man roster. How do you feel about this kid and his emotional style on the field, Broncos Country?