Why the Denver Broncos Will Go 19-0 and Win the Super Bowl


May 28, 2013; Englewood, CO, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) warms up before the start of organized team activities at the Broncos training facility. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t foresee the Denver Broncos losing a single game in 2014. Am I delusional? Maybe. Or maybe I’m just fulfilling an obligation as a fan to be just that.

Listen, I’m not working for ESPN or FOX Sports, nor am I trying to fool anyone into believing I want what’s best for the Broncos and couldn’t give a rip less about what else happens around the league. When asked, I have no problem referring to the Broncos as ‘we’ because I believe I am part of the team as a devout, loyal, invested fan.

So, therefore, I’m predicting that until proven wrong, the Broncos will win all 16 regular season games as well as what I presume to be three playoff games including the Super Bowl this year. Who they play against in the Super Bowl at this point is irrelevant to me. What stands in their way prior to that is irrelevant to me.

Would I care if the Broncos ended up winning just 12 games and won the Super Bowl? No. As long as they win the big game. However, I have no problem predicting that they won’t lose until I actually see it happen. This is, in my opinion, the best roster I have ever seen put together in Denver.

I said that a year ago too, but the Broncos have done the unthinkable and seemingly bucked a trend in today’s NFL. They lost the Super Bowl, in impressive (bad) fashion, and they actually took the offseason and got better rather than losing a ton of young players and key pieces.

The Broncos used their most precious assets this offseason (money and first round pick) on four of the best defensive players money could buy. They paid out roughly $100 million in total contracts for one major thorn in their side in cornerback Aqib Talib. They brought in the ‘Pain’ to Rahim Moore’s ‘Gain’ with safety T.J. Ward.

Perhaps most importantly, the Broncos restored their pass rush depth with the signing of DeMarcus Ware, a Dallas Cowboys legend who was cut and promptly signed in Denver. Ware’s addition has apparently re-focused a shockingly troubled 2013 version of Von Miller and revitalized an area in Denver that was significantly lacking with the departure of Elvis Dumervil a year ago.

With Dumervil being let go, the Broncos had no answer in the pass rush department when Miller was suspended for the first six games and then came back too heavy to do what he did best. Miller then tore his ACL and missed the Broncos’ playoff run.

Almost unnoticed is first round pick Bradley Roby, a really fast and aggressive cornerback prospect out of Ohio State. The Broncos are counting on big things from Roby in year one.

As players reported to training camp on Wednesday, DeMarcus Ware spoke of how this Broncos team wants to be ‘one and one’ meaning the best offense and best defense in the league. They certainly have the talent to do so.

In my opinion, this is the best team in the league. I’m not trying to be a homer, I’m just calling it like I see it. There are a lot of talented teams in the NFL, but none as gifted top to bottom as the Denver Broncos. Their depth is ridiculous. Their starting lineup is second to none in the league. Most importantly, they have some guy named Manning operating the controls at the QB position.

With Manning, his weapons on the offensive side of the ball, and the Broncos’ sterling new look defensively, I see only the fact that history doesn’t exactly work in their favor of it that the Broncos can’t go undefeated in 2014. This team has the potential not to just be the best, but to flat out dominate the opposition. I think they will be more physical, faster, and smarter than everyone else they play.

Of course, anyone who doubts can always point to the 43-8 beat down that occurred in February. But by the time next February rolls around, that should be a distant memory and a good laugh for Broncos fans as they watch orange, blue, and white confetti drop all over the Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos.

I’m not someone who is going to label myself a ‘realist’ and tell you the Broncos are going to lose three or four games this season. I’m sure not going to go into any week this season expecting a loss.

And neither should you.