Wes Welker Gets Mile High In A F-16 On Way To Broncos Training Camp


Denver Broncos slot receiving virtuoso, Wes Welker, took to the air in a F-16 with the Cheyenne Air Force Thunderbirds on Sunday.

Via Fansided NFL, here’s the full story.

"Wes Welker’s stats elevated to unexpected heights last season. He signed with the Broncos in free agency after a long stint with the Patriots and found incredible success with Peyton Manning. He’s found a way to elevate to new heights. This time he used a plane. Welker rode a F-16 with the Air Force Thunder Birds. His comments afterwards are just as hilarious as the poor guy’s face during.“The lunch stayed down. Trust me there were times where I wanted to pull the bag out,” Welker said after the flight, via CBS Sports. “But I held strong and I was able to get through it. When I thought we were done, we pulled some more g’s and I told the guys, ‘I’m g’d out man, when are we landing this thing?’“But it was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed my experience. I don’t know if I’ll be doing it anytime soon again. But I’m glad I did it and definitely enjoyed it.”He sure doesn’t look like he enjoyed it. I know I wouldn’t have. It looks like the pilot was just toying with him, spinning and rolling like that. But Welker is tough in NFL traffic, so perhaps that fortitude helps up in the air."

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