News Flash: Pressure Peyton Manning Up The Middle, Stop The Broncos


Well, another genius in the media has opined with what he considers to be a news flash for we, the great unwashed masses.

Jeffrey Flanagan of Fox Sports Kansas City says that the Seattle Seahawks “exposed” Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl and thus provided the blueprint on how to stop the Denver Broncos. He says:

"But there are whispers in Denver that Seattle exposed some weaknesses in Manning’s game at this stage of his career — namely, his inability to create plays once the original play breaks down. Seattle cut off Denver’s quick slant and short routes in the Super Bowl, which gave the Seahawks that extra split second to get a rusher in Manning’s face — and that didn’t fare well for Manning. It will be interesting to see if the rest of the NFL tries the same strategy this season — take away his initial reads and bring pressure up the middle."

Thanks, Cap’n Obvious. The reality is that Manning’s Kryptonite has been inside pressure since he was knee-high to a grasshopper.

And truly, every QB in the history of QBs, get flustered when pressure comes from the inside. This is not a new epiphany. It is a core mantra for every defensive line coach in the NFL.

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Still, getting pressure on Manning is easier said than done. Between his pre-snap reads and the Broncos’ formidable offensive line, there’s a reason Manning was only sacked 18 times last year, in 659 drop backs.

What the Seahawks did right was execute. And they did it better than the Broncos. That’s all.