Training Camp Approaching; Clock Ticking On Thomas Extensions


Back in June, Executive Vice President of Football Operations and General Manager of the Denver Broncos, John Elway, said that he wanted to get contract extensions done for two of the team’s young stars at skill positions; Demaryius and Julius Thomas.

Via the Denver Post, Elway said this at the time:

"“We’d like to get something done before the beginning of camp. We don’t want to do anything once training camp starts. They’re both in their last years, and we’d like for them to stay and be Broncos for a long time.”"

If he truly hopes to get something done before camp starts, he only has 9 days left. It was reported a few weeks ago that the Broncos had offered 2-time Pro Bowl wide receiver, Demaryius Thomas, a new 5-year deal. And then nothing happened.

This was then rehashed again on Friday by the guys at 104.3 the FAN in Denver.

In a piece over at PFT, Mike Florio had this to say about any recent developments, or lack thereof:

"Friday brought multiple reports that the Broncos have made a five-year offer to receiver Demaryius Thomas.  A source with direct knowledge of the situation has provided a more sobering assessment.“Nothing going on,” the source said.The source also explains that an offer has not been made to Thomas, on a five-year deal or any other terms."

We’re getting contradicting stories, but when contracts are being negotiated, such is the talk in the media. Sometimes it’s hard to believe either the team, or an agent, until the contract is agreed to in principal by the parties.

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Is it time to start worrying about this? Not yet. But if “nothing going on” really is the status quo, which I find very hard to believe, then we have to begin to wonder.

Thomas has been highly prolific in his two seasons playing with Peyton Manning and deserves to be paid like a top-5 WR in the NFL. It’s only a matter of time before the Broncos lock him up.

Julius Thomas’ situation is quite different. As he’s entering the last year of his contract, he only has one productive, albeit highly productive, season under his belt. It’s hard to decide where the perceived value should be on this kid.

If I’m the Broncos, I wait and see if he can duplicate his 2013 campaign. If so, franchise tag him next spring and buy some time to negotiate a long-term deal. It would put the Broncos on the hook for around $7M, per the tight end franchise tag guarantee, but it would be a small price to pay if Thomas can consistently produce like he did last year.

Again, training camp is only 9 days away. Most teams, including the Broncos, want to avoid having to focus on money and contracts, when the team and it’s players should be focusing on football. Tick tock, tick tock….