Vegas: Peyton Manning Favored To Win 2014 MVP


If you follow the NFL MVP odds race each and every year, you’ll be pleased to know that per CBS Sports, Denver Broncos quarterback, Peyton Manning, is favored to win the 6th such award of his career. 3-1 odds sounds good. But Will Brinson cautions bettors to pump the brakes.

Here’s a snippet from Brinson:

"Peyton Manning (3-1) — to the surprise of exactly zero people — is the top favorite. I don’t love the bet because voters in general hate repeating on MVP awards and it’ll be tough for Manning to match his epic 2013 numbers.Aaron Rodgers (15-2) is a fantastic value. He’s the best quarterback in the game, has won an MVP, and if he plays 16 games, he’ll get votes. If you put $100 on him to win right now and he did, you’d make $750 back.Andrew Luck (16-1) is intruiging as well, especially because his weapons in Indy are improved and he should only get better in his third season."

Of the longshots to win the MVP, and especially the young guns in the NFL, Brinson says this:

"Love Russel Wilson/Cam Newton/Colin Kaepernick/Robert Griffin III (25-1) all clustered together. Give me Wilson from that list, mainly because he should improve his counting stats, he’s very efficient and steady, the Seahawks will win lots of games and if Marshawn Lynch  (50-1) either retires or loses carries, Russ could see a boost."

As cool as it would be to see Manning win his 6th MVP and 2nd of his Broncos career, it really doesn’t matter when you get down to brass tacks. He could already have 6, had the he not been robbed of it in 2012. But I digress.

What matters is the Lombardi Trophy. And bringing it home to Denver. Go get it, Peyton!