LeBron James and the Denver Broncos? The King Would Dominate the NFL


LeBron James is a free agent, and once again the hottest topic in sports. Teams from all sorts of leagues, even the USA soccer team are throwing pitches at LeBron to sign up for their squad, even if it’s tongue-in-cheek.

LeBron is the most transcendent athlete of this generation. I’m not including soccer players because, well, soccer is lame…

Just kidding…Maybe.

There’s been so much debate through the years of whether or not LeBron would be a good professional football player, and if he by some strange set of circumstances abandon basketball right now and picked up a set of shoulder pads, would be able to play football at all.

There are some things to consider here that are just straight up facts, and can’t be denied.

1. LeBron is the greatest athlete ever. Not most productive or most championships. He’s the most physically gifted athlete this world has ever seen.

2. LeBron is possibly the most dedicated to his craft in any sport. He’s incredibly smart and is one of a select few athletes in the history of the world to combine freakish athletic ability with freakish work ethic and freakish knowledge of his sport.

3. LeBron is 6’9″ 280 pounds, roughly.

4. LeBron is faster than a majority of NFL players.

There are some other things that need to be taken into account here, myths that are being spread as fact among so many in the Broncos community.

1. LeBron is soft. This is the most garbage thing I’ve seen out there. Being good at flopping may be a crap move, but it’s a strategy and not being ‘soft’. LeBron knows who he is and what he can get away with. He cares about winning and doesn’t care if he gets a few breaks along the way.

2. LeBron can’t take a hit. Are you effing serious? This is the worst argument out there. He is HUMONGOUS. Sure, you could hit him at the knees, but he’s no more susceptible to getting hit at the knees than someone who is 6’6″ or taller. Jimmy Graham’s name ring a bell?

I wonder if J.J. Watt or Julius Peppers played TE if they could take a hit at the knees at their height…

3. Some teams would not want LeBron. This is a major myth. All 32 teams in the NFL would look to sign LeBron. All 30 teams in the NBA want him. Every NHL and MLB team would sign him too. Team USA? Sure, why not.

Heck, if he played his cards right he could sign with Alabama or Auburn!

4. The Broncos specifically would have no room for LeBron.


LeBron could create his own position and roster spot and would fit in well as 1/53. Tight end? Sure, why not? Wide receiver? Played it in high school, still has soft hands, and probably could use his length to get off press coverage.

5. LeBron is not tough because he didn’t play with cramps.

Have you ever engaged in physical activity? Have you ever had a cramp? If you answered yes to both of those, you know it’s impossible to do anything, especially jump, cut, and defend NBA athletes with bad cramps.


LeBron would tower over all NFL players. He would be, in my opinion, an instant Pro Bowl caliber player. Are you kidding? You just throw the ball up to him! This guy is the best athlete in the world, there’s no way you’ll convince me his abilities wouldn’t translate to the football field even in the slightest, especially given an offseason to prepare.

I am not a LeBron apologist. In fact, I hate the Miami Heat. However, I’m not blind to LeBron’s greatness and know that he would be able to kill it in the NFL heading into the prime years of his athletic career.