Ware/Miller Pass Rush Duo Behind Chiefs?


In his latest article, NFL.com’s Bucky Brooks, laid out his list of the top 5 pass rushing duos in the league. 

His rankings are as follows:

  1.  Justin Houston & Tamba Hali
  2.  Robert Quinn & Chris Long
  3.  Greg Hardy & Charles Johnson
  4.  DeMarcus Ware & Von Miller
  5.  Cameron Jordan & Junior Galette

As awesome as Houston and Hali are, they faded in a big way down the stretch last year. Once the Chiefs bit into the tough side of their 2013 schedule, and Houston went down with an injury, their deficiencies came out in the wash and it became apparent that their defense was quite overrated. From week 8 til week 16, Tamba Hali only managed 2 sacks and 21 hurries. That’s over an 8 game stretch.

The Chiefs defense is STILL benefiting from their great start to 2013, even though it was snake oil.

Putting Quinn and Long above Ware and Miller, at least right now, I can understand. The young Rams duo blew the doors down last year and both Ware and Miller are coming off of injury-riddled seasons. At least Brooks admits this:

"On paper, the Broncos‘ pairing should rate at the top of the list, based on the impressive individual résumés of Ware and Miller. Both are accomplished pass rushers with the numbers and honors to prove it, but both head into the regular season facing health questions. Thus, they are downgraded on this list until we are able to see the product on the field in the Mile High City."

Mr. Brooks, are you kidding me? Hardy and Johnson above Ware and Miller? Coming off injury, or not, we’re talking about two All-Pros! Ware is the all time leader in sacks for the Dallas Cowboys and Von Miller has been named to the All-Pro team in each of the two full seasons he played. In 40 career games, Von Miller has notched 35 sacks. Think about that.

Charles Johnson is a one-trick pony. As a duo, Hardy and Johnson are on the rise, I suppose, and I would certainly keep them in the top 5, but ahead of Miller and Ware? Nope.

My, oh my, how the NFL, and the media, have forgotten how much of an ANIMAL Von Miller is when he’s healthy. And the same goes for DeMarcus Ware. I’m looking forward to watching them remind the world of exactly who they are.

Let me give you my top 5:

  1. Miller & Ware
  2. Quinn & Long
  3. Houston & Hali
  4. Hardy & Johnson
  5. Suggs & Dumervil