Denver Broncos: A Farewell From Longtime PO Editor

I’m going to take a page out of Peyton Manning’s book, and go no huddle on this one. Yup, quick and accurate is the way to do this.

It’s with great gratitude and a bit of sadness that I’m announcing my resignation as senior editor for Predominantly Orange. I have poignant feelings about saying ‘goodbye’ but celebratory thoughts about starting the next chapter.

I’ve covered the team for seven seasons. That means I got to know the personalities of Mike Shanahan, Josh McDaniels, Eric Studesville, and John Fox. I saw Jay Cutler, Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow, and Peyton Manning take plenty of snaps as starting quarterbacks for the orange and blue.

Taking the reins of PO and working for FanSided has given me the opportunity to partake in some amazing once-in-a-lifetime NFL experiences. I made trips to the Combine, the Draft, Hall of Fame Weekend for Shannon Sharpe’s induction, and Super Bowl Media Day. Not bad for a credentialed “fan,” huh?

I also got to stand at the back of the end zone with other media members when Demaryius Thomas caught and ran for the winning touchdown in overtime against the Steelers in the playoffs. I’ve tried on an NFL owner’s Super Bowl ring at a hotel bar. I got a tour of NFL headquarters in New York City and spoke to Commissioner Roger Goodell on draft day. I sat next to Greg Cosell during the 2012 draft. I sat second row as Snoop Dog and Nelly performed at Deion Sanders and Marshall Faulk’s Hall of Fame Party. I made weekly radio appearances. I interviewed my all-time favorite player growing up, Ed McCaffrey. I convinced Wesley Woodyard to have breakfast with my Bronco-loving friend, who is losing his life to cancer. I met a military veteran whose post-war life was saved by one of Eric Decker’s service dogs. Peyton Manning and I chatted about having the same neck surgery just three weeks apart from one another. I met strength and conditioning coach Loren Landow through the Broncos, and he helped me get my neck back to 100%. I met Presli Collins, Tim Tebow’s date to the Cartoon Network’s Hall of Game Awards, and I still remain tight with the Collins Clan. I ran a slow 40-yard dash in front of Tebow at a Combine prep event. I ripped my nylons running through the hallways of Sports Authority Field. I got food poisoning but managed not to puke in the Broncos locker room during post game interviews. I acquired a new level of “farmer’s tan” during training camps. I froze my tail off in January in New England. Thanks to making friends with stadium security, I laid down at the 50-yard line in a dark empty stadium after a game just to do some star gazing. Shhhh….Don’t tell Mr. Bowlen.

The memories go on and on.

I’d like to thank the Broncos media department for allowing me, a non-traditional media member, access to the team. Patrick, Rebecca, and Erich, you’ve done more for me than you’ll ever know.

To the crew at FanSided – the platform and the family-like atmosphere have been incredible.

To my staff writers (past and present) – I’d like to thank each and every one of you for your contributions over the years. I don’t think there’s anything I could say to fully express my gratitude here. “Thank you” is the understatement of the century. I know how much time and energy you put into this, and believe me, it doesn’t go unnoticed on any level.

To you, PO readers – Thanks for hanging with us. We know there are a lot of options when it comes to acquiring Broncos news and views. Thanks for making us one of them. Now, hang with Sayre Bedinger as he takes my place.

So what’s next for me? There’s no way I can just stash my keyboard away. I launched Purpose 2 Play in December, which is a site dedicated to telling the powerful and inspiring stories of athletes, coaches, and fans. For example, we went one-on-one with the first man with cerebral palsy to summit Mt. Kilimajaro and complete an Ironman unassisted. We also talked to former pro snowboarder Kevin Pearce about his life after suffering a traumatic brain injury. We can’t leave the Broncos out of this either. That’s why we caught up with then-Bronco Eric Decker to talk about his work with military service dogs. Sound interesting? Give it a follow on Facebook and on Twitter.

Now that we’re down to the proverbial one-yard line of this ‘farewell’ letter, I’m calling a naked bootleg. Yeah, that’s how I want to go out.

Signing off the only way I know how — With a Mile High Salute!

Go Broncos!

Kim Constantinesco

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