Broncos DE Derek Wolfe Talks His Bizarre Medical Situation, Recovery


Oct 27, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Broncos defensive end Derek Wolfe (95) after recovering a fumble during the game against the Washington Redskins at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Talking to ABC7 News in Denver, Broncos defensive end Derek Wolfe finally opened up about his bizarre medical condition that started last August in a pre-season game against the Seattle Seahawks.

Wolfe was carted off the field, hospitalized, and eventually wound up starting opening day for the Denver Broncos. Nobody could really explain the whole situation of what had happened, whether Wolfe simply avoided a scare, he was playing through something that was more than meets the eye, or whatever it might have been.

“I thought I was fully healed and I came back a little too soon and kept hitting it,” Wolfe said. “It screwed up my nervous system a little bit – crisscrossed the wires a little bit.”

On November 29th, Wolfe suffered a seizure as the team was getting ready to head to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs in a pivotal AFC West game that pretty much decided the division. That was his body telling him he needed to get things checked out.

Wolfe ended up not playing another down all season, and said it was a very weird situation that is still somewhat inexplicable, but he is feeling great.

“I needed to let myself heal, so I took about two months and did nothing,” he says — adding that it seems to have worked. “I feel better than I ever felt before.”

Wolfe is going to resume workouts soon, per Lionel Bienveneu of 7News, and should be ready for team activities. Per reports, Wolfe has gained 20 pounds back and he vows to come back better and stronger than ever. That’s great news for not just the Broncos, but for Wolfe and his family, who have gone through a very bizarre and scary situation.