2014 NFL Draft: Broncos Showing Interest in WR Jeff Janis


With only two wide receivers under contract for the 2014 season, there’s no question the Broncos will be in the market for receivers this year both in free agency and the 2014 NFL Draft.

One such receiver that has piqued their interest is Saginaw Valley State’s Jeff Janis, a player who is looking to make a household name for himself at the Scouting Combine this weekend. Here’s the report from Andrew Mason, someone who is really close to the Denver Broncos organization.

It’s likely the Broncos ‘talked’ to most every player at the East-West game, the Senior Bowl, as well as at the Combine, but it is significant that he’s talked to them at both and is pointing it out specifically. This is a guy who checked in at 6’2″ 212 pounds and who reportedly runs a 4.34 in the 40 yard dash.

He may not run that fast at this year’s Combine, but he was an All-American and a productive enough player from a small school that he was recognized by the Senior Bowl and also earned a Combine invite.

This is an incredibly deep class of wide receivers, so the Broncos will look to take advantage of that with some other needs obviously getting addressed. Janis is currently projected as a fifth or sixth round pick.