Super Bowl XLVIII Quickies: Day 5 (An MVP’s Perspective)


Sep 5, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; General view of a NFL network broadcasters Deion Sanders (left) and Terrell Davis (right) talk outside of Sports Authority Field before the game between the Baltimore Ravens against the Denver Broncos. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I have been listening to Denver sports radio almost non-stop for the past three weeks. And let me tell ya, as much as I love sports talk, silence is the most soothing sound to me at the moment. If I am getting a little burnt out on the same questions and rhetoric, I can only imagine how much the players for the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks are feeling. I am ready for kick-off and I am sure the combatants are as well. And even though it is difficult for me, I will keep it short and sweet today…I PROMISE.

There were still some interesting takes out there to be had from players, experts, and pundits alike. And in former Broncos running back and MVP of Super Bowl XXXII, Terrell Davis, he accounted for all three on 104.3 The Fan’s Morning Show. Davis still holds the record for 7 straight 100+ yard games in the post-season. That prompted The Fan’s, Mike Evans to ask him how he was able to save his best games for the biggest stages.

"“I just tried to dummy the game down”, said the 1998 NFL MVP. “I know it’s hard to look at this game and try to make it like a regular season game because you see the media, you see the banners, all the credentials being passed out. You see everybody talks about it…I mean, even the Weather Channel talks about it.”"

T.D. continued,

"“It’s a big game, but what I do know is I’ve played football since I was seven years old. I played in many games and I’ve asked myself the question, what’s the difference between this game and that game?”"

Davis answered with an emphatic,

"“Absolutely nothing!”“What’s at stake is the only thing. If you can control the outcome in terms of don’t think about the outcome…think about, I’m gonna play my game, I’m gonna play as hard as I can play, I’m not gonna to make mistakes, and whatever happens, happens.”“And if you can live with that, that’s how you play it”, Davis concluded."

When asked about players’ routines and how he feels they should handle the Super Bowl circus. Davis indicated that they should do what they normally do. If they go out to clubs then they should do that early in the week. Then get down to business when it’s time to work. 

T.D. then provided a poignant about the week 15 loss to San Diego. There was a lot made of whether that was a good loss (which is an oxymoron to some). However this was debated by Evans, Nate Lundy, and Vic Lomardi in the mornings following that loss. Evans (he of the Tim Tebow tattoo…sorry, Mike) argued that there is such a thing as a “good” loss. Lundy argued the other side of the debate. For what it’s worth, Davis sided with Evans…sort of.

"“When they lost I said, that’s what they needed! I didn’t say good, but that’s what they needed.”"

If you believe in omens, then the week 15 loss to the Chargers is a sign that the Broncos will win Super Bowl XLVIII. They lost week 15 match-ups in both championship seasons: 1997 to the Pittsburgh Steelers and 1998 to the New York Giants.

In an unrelated story, the Washington Post published an article that indicated that if social media decided the outcome of the Super Bowl, our Broncos would have won. Per 140 Proof, they monitored social media between last Friday to this past Monday for pro-Broncos and Pro-Seahawks trends, hash tags, and “Likes”. The results came in and Denver won 29 states, Seattle won 6, and there were 16 toss-ups. What does this all mean. In the words of Terrell Davis, “Absolutely Nothing!”

#GoBroncos! #UnitedInOrange #TimeToRide

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