Denver Broncos Super Bowl XLVIII Quickies


Jan 26, 2014; Jersey City, NJ, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning addresses the media during press conference at the Cornucopia Majesty Ship. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

I know that the minutia of Super Bowl week can be a bit much, but like Genesis sang, I have “Just a Job to Do”.

The latest from the Denver Broncos is that Wes Welker wore an orange blazer, Peyton Manning wore an orange scarf and carried his own bag off the plane, and nobody know what to get Jimmy and Millie for a wedding gift (See “Bull Durham” for the reference). Actually there are a few noteworthy tidbits to report.

The Broncos landed at Newark Liberty International Airport Sunday at about 4:00 PM EST on United Airlines flight 1825. Aside from a couple of guys video taping the proceedings for posterity, everybody had a look of all work, no play. The players and coaches then boarded five buses that is taking them to their hotel in Jersey City. Then it was onto the first of many press conferences this week in New Jersey leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII. Head coach, John Fox and the appointed Super Bowl team captains all took part.

As previously mentioned, the team captains have been announced; cornerback, Champ Bailey (rightfully so), safety, David Bruton, linebacker, Wesley Woodyard, wide receiver, Welker, and of course, quarterback, Peyton “Freakin” Manning all took turns answering the first round of redundant, mind-numbing questions about whether or not they are going to take in a show on Broadway. However, I am pretty sure that they would rather be there answering the same inane questions than back in Denver watching another AFC team answering the same inane questions.

Some of the notable quotes from the presser:

David Bruton on what he wants to do in New York:

"“Man, enjoy it. I don’t have anything specific I really want to do. I’ve been here a few times but nothing like this. I just want to enjoy the process. It’s not every day I get a chance to play in the Super Bowl.”"

Allow me to translate that…”WIN A FREAKIN CHAMPIONSHIP, DUMMY! AND IN CASE YOU DIDN’T KNOW,  THE GAME IS IN NJ…next question?”

Champ Bailey on playing in his first Super Bowl:

"“You know, it has been a long road. But I’m just taking it in stride. I’m not trying to hype it up more than it should be. I mean, it’s still football. We’ve got to go out there and perform. We’ve got to prepare just like we always do Just trying to let everything stay its course and not get too overhyped about it.”"

Ahhh…a decent question.

Wes Welker on appreciating the experience:

"“I definitely feel very blessed. To have this opportunity and to be in this situation is very rare and you can’t take it for granted. You just want to make the most of it, have fun with it, but at the same time understand that we’re here on a business trip and ready to play this game.”"

Welker actually got to field some pretty decent questions. Good job, media.

Wesley Woodyard on distractions:

"“I don’t believe a thing called distractions. When you work as hard as we worked to get here to this point that you’ve always wanted to be since you were a little kid – this moment, right now – you have to live in it and you can’t let anything distract you.”"

This was really the only quote from Wesley worth posting because all of the other questions were so dumb that they even caused Justin Bieber to shake his head incredulously.

PFM on the Seattle secondary:

"“They have an excellent team. I think you use every bit of this time to try to get familiar with them from what you see on film. I think it’s good that you have two weeks to prepare for a team, especially one that you’re not very familiar with”“Probably one of the more impressive things is how well they play together as a unit. You really see them communicating out there on the field — safeties talking to each other, linebackers talking to corners. That’s not always true for every single defense. I think that’s a big part of their success.”"

For each interview in their entirety, check out Stuart Zaas’ article on Denver Broncos’ web page.

Denver’s opponent for the big game, the Seattle Seahawks arrived in Jersey at about 7:00 PM EST and went through the same dog-and-pony show.

Finally, Paterson, N.J. native and Broncos safety, Mike Adams said that if Denver wins the Super Bowl, he will walk the 12 miles from the Meadowlands to his home town. And he said he would do it in all of his gear…including his helmet. Hey Mike, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but wearing the helmet through that stretch of the Garden State is a very good idea. While you’re at it, you may want to include a police escort and make sure that nobody in Paterson ticked off Gov. Chris Christie. I would hate to see you try to take Rt. 19 into Paterson, only to have to do a re-route. Just sayin.

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