Peyton: Eli Won’t Help Against the Seahawks


Jan 26, 2014; Jersey City, NJ, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning addresses the media during press conference at the Cornucopia Majesty Ship. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

Peyton Manning’s little brother has played the Seahawks this season, but the older brother won’t be seeking any advice from him for this game.

The Giants played host to the Seahawks earlier this season, and like when they played the Broncos, they got absolutely crushed. Eli threw five interceptions in a 23-0 loss, and Peyton had some fun with that as the Broncos arrived in East Rutherford for Sunday’s Super Bowl.

“Yeah, he told me he couldn’t help much with Seattle,” Peyton Manning said in his news conference shortly after the Broncos arrived Sunday afternoon. “That wasn’t one of the Giants’ best games.”

Manning is a polite guy, but he also knows how to make light of an ugly situation. The Giants showed the Broncos the exact opposite of how to play the Seahawks, so perhaps Eli could be of use in that regard.

Peyton playing in Eli’s house will be one of the hundreds of storylines the media is following this week, and I’m sure the whole Manning family will be answering questions about Sunday’s game, their thoughts on Peyton’s legacy, and all of that sort.

Still, this is a really fun, lighthearted way of big brother taking a little jab at Eli. Hopefully the fun continues into Sunday night.