How Denver Broncos Players are Handling 2014 Super Bowl Ticket Requests


A general view of preparations for Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium. (Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports)

When a team reaches the Super Bowl, the potential distractions come flying. Here’s what some players from the Denver Broncos said about the ticket requests that they’ve been getting.

“It’s been a little crazy. But at the same time, a lot of my family understands that we only get a certain amount of tickets and a lot of them actually prefer to stay at home.” – Orlando Franklin

“I’m doing well. I kept it simple—just immediate family. It’s not a struggle for me.” – Tony Carter

“It actually hasn’t been that bad. Maybe eight or nine? That’s it. My parents take care of it all. They kind of tell family members that it’s really expensive.” – Montee Ball

“Not anything random just a lot of different text messages, e-mails reaching out and congrats or whatever. But nothing like people out of the woodwork asking, ‘Can you get me this ticket?’” – David Bruton on any random requests

“Not too many. If you don’t come to the preseason games, don’t expect to come to the playoffs and Super Bowl game.” – Nate Irving

“I’ve got some people—family, friends—just people who you kind of grew up with. You might not have talked to them in a long time, but people who honestly really respect and care about what you do. I really don’t try and beat them down too bad. They just want to support you at the biggest game of your career.” – Steven Johnson 

“Yeah, a lot of requests, but the good thing is that my mom is my “no” person. Once you tell people, ‘My mom is handling all the ticket stuff,’ they don’t even ask. They don’t even want to ask her. They try to put my back against the wall and ask me, ‘Remember that time I did this, remember that time I did that?’ I’m just like, ‘Yeah, my mom is handling it.’ They just stop asking after that.” – Terrance Knighton 

“Yeah I got some random ticket requests but I let my mom handle that. But the answer is no. If you didn’t get a ticket to Game 1, you’re not getting a ticket to the last game.” – Shaun Phillips

The Broncos were given Tuesday and Wednesday off from practice so that they could handle all of their “distractions” like ticket requests. Now they’re in full blown game preparation mode.

By the way, tickets are going for $3,935 on average.