Julius Thomas’ Basketball Skills Could Come In Handy Against Seahawks


Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Broncos tight end Julius Thomas finished his career at Portland State as the program’s all-time leader in field goal percentage. No, Thomas wasn’t a field goal kicker. He starred on the school’s basketball team as a power forward.

He didn’t even play football until his senior year at Portland State. Yet, just three years later, Thomas is playing for a Super Bowl ring.

This comes after his breakout year, which included 65 receptions for 788 yards and 12 touchdowns in 14 games. Heading into his third year, he had just one catch for five yards in nine games. What a difference Peyton Manning, experience, and good health can make, huh?

“I just feel very blessed. It’s great to be able to come out here and contribute,” Thomas said. “At the beginning of the season I said that I just wanted to come out here and do what I can to put my team in a position to win.”

Thomas was so productive that he was selected to his first ever Pro Bowl. He credits his coaches for putting him in good positions to succeed and helping him understand the game at a rapid rate.

Thomas will go up against the toughest secondary in the league in the Seahawks, who had 28 interceptions in the regular season.

Thomas and the rest of the Broncos receivers will have to be at their best not just catching balls, but defending balls as well. Any errant or wobbly pass is grounds for the taking, particularly when it comes to the Seahawks. So oddly enough, if a ball isn’t catchable, the Broncos receivers simply need to knock it out of play. Luckily for Thomas, playing offense and defense come naturally, at least on the basketball court.

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