Broncos Bring Big Price Tag for Super Bowl Tickets


The Denver Broncos are looking to win their first Super Bowl since 1998. The man who was in charge of that team on the field is now in charge of it off the field. The best move John Elway has made in his tenure as general manager was convincing Peyton Manning to play in Denver. That move has paid off with a trip to the Super Bowl in Manning’s second season with the Broncos. Manning will be headed to New Jersey with the rest of the team, but right now it could cost fans to join him.

The average price was in line with the past few Super Bowls with a $3,448.79 average on January 6, but has seen an 18.43% increase since then. The current average would make this Super Bowl the most expensive over the past six seasons. Last year’s Super Bowl between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens in New Orleans was almost exactly $1,000 less with an average price of just $3,083.

While the average price is above $4,000, the average price of a sold ticket so far is $3,398.17 below the average listed price and much higher than the get-in price. The $1,985  get-in price would put fans in the corner of the upper end zone, which could give fans a unique perspective to what Manning sees on the field. To get into the Mezzanine level, the lowest price if $2,723 and only a few more dollars would get you in with the cheapest ticket for a Lower Level seat at $2,799.

For those not looking for the cheapest seat in the house, the most expensive single seat for the game is in the Lower Club section 140 for $38,000. If the possibility of cold weather in an outdoor stadium makes you want to stay indoors, suites are available for you and 23 to 29 of your closest friends ranging from $318,000 to $962,000.

Manning played in the last outdoor Super Bowl, although that game was played in Miami. The average price of the Colts-Saints Super Bowl was $3,509. This will actually be the first Super Bowl Manning has participated in that won’t be played in Miami. Instead he will play in the home stadium of his brother, Eli. Eli Manning won his last Super Bowl in Peyton’s then-home stadium in Indianapolis.

As the game gets closer, the price is expected to drop. For those fans wanting to go, but don’t have the funds to spend $4,000 on a ticket, we expect the low price to drop to around $1,500 in the days before the game, which is the range fans should try to target.

Regardless of the price of the ticket, this Super Bowl has the potential to be one of the best played games in Super Bowl history. Peyton Manning threw all over the league during the regular season and matching up against the league’s best pass defense in the Super Bowl is just one of the intriguing aspects for Super Bowl XLVIII.