Broncos Get Break, But Will Begin Prep For The Familiar

By Editorial Staff
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
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The Denver Broncos may have gone 13-3 for the second consecutive year, but don’t be fooled. Things have changed. The AFC West has become one of the best divisions in football.

The Kansas City Chiefs went from 2-14 last year to 11-5 with a playoff berth this year. The San Diego Chargers went from 7-9 to 9-7 and playoff bound. The Raiders are still…well…the Raiders. They threw the dart and went 4-12 again in 2013.

“I think two years ago they were talking about this being the sorriest division in football and I can also remember not too long ago they were saying the same thing about the NFC West,” John Fox said. “It’s cyclical.”

With three AFC West teams in the playoffs, the Broncos showed their dominance with a 5-1 division record. Who knows, that one loss could be avenged if they see the Chargers again in the divisional round.

With the Broncos having a bye week, and fans and experts alike already checking Colorado’s two-week weather forecast (huh?!?), everyone is wondering how the Broncos are going to handle their week off.

According to Fox, the team will have Tuesday and Wednesday off. They’ll definitely be back on the practice field Thursday and Friday. Depending on how things go those days, the Broncos could have Saturday off. They’ll be off of Sunday, and then be back for a normal week on Monday.

It’s time to let the bodies recover, get the minds refocused, and make that final push to the big game. Two wins is all that it will take for the Broncos to fire up that United plane engine and head east for the first ever cold weather Super Bowl.

First they must take on the Chiefs, Chargers, or Colts. Two of their regular season losses come from two of those teams. There’s no easy road here. There’s no such thing as being too prepared.

The season starts now.

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