Oh, Baby It’s Cold Outside…Is it a Good Thing for Manning and the Broncos?


Nov 24, 2013; Foxborough, MA, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) fumbles the ball in front of New England Patriots linebacker Dane Fletcher (52) in the third quarter at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

First order of business: I stand corrected in relation to the prognostication I made in my last piece as to where CBS’ first team of Jim Nance and Phil Simms would be broadcasting in Week 14. For the 12th time in 13 Sunday Denver Broncos’ games, Nance and Simms will be eating Sunday breakfast in the Mile High City (Am I jealous? YOU BETCHA!). Thanks to Broncos Executive Director of Media Relations, Patrick Smyth, via twitter, for the update.

In the wake of the Broncos’ heart-wrenching loss to the New England Patriots two Sundays prior, 104.3 The Fan’s morning co-host, Vic Lombardi made an emotional plea to God for really cold weather for the final five weeks of the season. His motivation was for quarterback, Peyton Manning to get acclimated to rough, cold winter weather in the event Denver has to play January/February in like conditions. I am not sure if God put any level of importance to Lombardi’s prayers, but he will sure get his way this Sunday against the Tennessee Titans.

According to Fox 31 in Denver, the forecast at game time is calling for temperatures in the mid to upper teens with a 30% chance of snow. While I understand Vic’s desire to have Manning get through this cold weather stigma via trial by deep-freeze, I think the first order of business is to procure the #1 seed in the AFC side of the tournament (credit to Coach Parcells). In order for that to happen, we need to run the table in the final four games. We know exactly how beat up the Broncos are and a week off should do wonders for many of the guys. The one who would benefit most would be Manning (and his ankle). Many other Broncos have been helped off the field at various points during the season; some more than others. Wesley Woodyard has missed two and a half games this season and has gotten dinged up all year long. In my humble opinion, Woodyard is the most important player on the defensive side of the ball. So his, along with Manning’s health is tantamount.

I totally understand what Lombardi is saying and agree that PFM needs more reps in the kind of weather forecasted this weekend against Tennessee. The good news is (at the risk of jinxing our guys) the game this week should provide both Vic and I the perfect scenario: horribly frigid weather against a team that the Broncos should beat, despite the conditions. So Peyton should get some good cold weather conditioning while winning another game, thus keeping the team on the 14-2, #1 seed path.

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