AFC West Preview – Week Six


Oct 6, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) throws prior to the game against the Dallas Cowboys at AT (From USA Today Sp0rts).  “Raise your hand if you think the Broncos will beat the Jaguars and go to 6-0”

Sometimes, given records, past games, and statistics of a team, you would think it would be easy to predict the outcome of an NFL football game.  There is a reason they play the game though, and no matter how well the game and teams are analyzed, something usually occurs that you don’t expect.  Do those events determine who wins and loses?  Sometimes.  Week six finds the Denver Broncos in a game that they should win hands down but will they?  We will have to wait until later in the day to truly answer that question.  For more thoughts on the Broncos and Jacksonville Jaguars game, as well as the other two games featuring teams from the AFC West, please continue reading.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Denver Broncos:  I guess I still lack confidence because I look at this game and I see this as a total trap game.  I believe I’m being paranoid and that is me just trying to not be overly confident, even though Bronco fans can afford a little bit of that after seeing the offensive output the Broncos have produced over the first five weeks.  Jacksonville has scored 51 points this season, which is just five points more than what the Broncos average per game.  The Jaguars come into this game 0-5 while the Broncos have not lost.  Everything on paper says this should be a Bronco blowout but you never know.  I will trust the Broncos to execute today and go to 6-0.  If this truly is a blowout, Bronco fans may feel like they’re watching a preseason game when the starters are watching from the sidelines early in the second half.  I am hoping to see the defense rebound after last week when Tony Romo had a career day despite losing on the final play of last week’s game.

Indianapolis Colts at San Diego Chargers:  The season is not quite halfway over and this game sort of has a must win feel for the Chargers.  San Diego comes into the game at 2-3 and fresh off a loss to divisional foe, the Oakland Raiders.  Today’s matchup will not be easy for San Diego as they face the 4-1 Colts, who will probably still be energized off of their come from behind win against the Seattle Seahawks.  The loss for Seattle, who some are picking to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, was their first loss of the season.  Obviously, the Colts had an advantage last week because they were at home, but traveling to San Diego is not as intimidating as traveling to other venues in the NFL.  I would expect the Colts to win this game, sending the Chargers farther to the bottom of the AFC West standings but football is a strange game.  The Chargers seem to be inconsistent this season – at times they look like a very good football team (wins against the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys); while other times they look they belong at the bottom of their division.  Bronco fans may want to keep an eye on this game, or at least pay close attention to the highlights, because the Broncos travel to Indianapolis in week seven for Sunday Night Football.

Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs:  While speaking to my nephew, who is a die-hard Raider fan, earlier this week I let him know that for this week I was a Raider fan, considering they were playing the team I love to see lose most, the Kansas City Chiefs.  My fourteen year-old son, as he does many times, set me straight and said “you’re not a Raiders fan, you just dislike them a little less than the Chiefs”.  Well said!  The probability of a tie in this game is very low so I have to pull for the Raiders in this AFC West game.  As stated earlier, not only do I enjoy seeing the Chiefs lose, I want the Chiefs season to hit a speed bump and hopefully knock off some of the fans who are hitching a ride on the red and yellow bandwagon.  The Super Bowl is just over three months away but to hear some Chief fans, you would think it was a week away and the Chiefs are already representing the American Football Conference.  Chief fans in attendance at this game are going to try and set a world record for the loudest sports venue.  I have been to Arrowhead and it does get loud so I think they will dethrone Seattle Seahawks, who set the record earlier this year.  Let’s hope that this is a suitable consolation prize for Kansas City fans when the Raiders hand the Chiefs their first loss of the season!  Can the Raiders win at Arrowhead?  The Raiders have won the last six times they’ve visited Kansas City.  My toes and fingers will be crossed that they make it seven!

Go Broncos – beat the Jaguars!

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