“Hurry, Hurry.” Broncos Prepare for Eagles’ Speed


“Hurry, hurry” is one of the things we hear most from Peyton Manning at the line of scrimmage, but that’s exactly what the Philadelphia Eagles will be doing against the Broncos this Sunday.

It was just last year when the New England Patriots ran the “hurry, hurry” to the tune of 89 offensive plays and beat the Broncos 31-21. The Patriots did it at home, but it’s something that the Eagles hope to replicate to some degree this week.

In the Eagles’ week one win against the Redskins, they ran 77 plays. In their 11-point loss to the Chargers, they ran just 58 plays and last week they ran 63 plays in their 10-point loss to the Chiefs.

The more plays the Eagles can get in, the better, it seems.

“I think that one three-and-out in 38 possessions,” John Fox said of what stands out the most about the Eagles. “They’re second in the league in [total] yards [per game]. They’re averaging 6.6 [yards] per rush with [LeSean] McCoy and [Michael] Vick getting the majority of that. They’re fast paced and you got to be on it when you play them.”

The Eagles’ fast-paced offense will be challenged a great deal by the altitude.

“I’ve played here many times as a competitor and early you feel it,” Fox said. “How you adjust is different [for] every opponent and it’s probably the best home field advantage in the NFL. That’s why I think our home record is so good.”

The Broncos’ defense is more prepared than perhaps any other team in the NFL when it comes to stopping the Eagles. They have to face Manning’s “hurry, hurry” everyday in practice and they do it at 5,280 feet above sea level.

Still, the Broncos aren’t overlooking the 1-2 team from Philly. Linebacker Shaun Phillips said that the Broncos are preparing for a track meet this week and that they plan to stop the run first.

“Stop the run and then get after the quarterback, that’s always our game plan going into each game, no matter who the team is,” Phillips said. “But with guys like McCoy and Vick, those guys are very dangerous and they’re capable of taking over a game at any time.”

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