SUNDAY MORNING QUARTERBACK: John Elway Can Cure Your Bronco Cravings


John Elway waves to fans before the game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. (John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports)

As the NFL season approaches and a much anticipated campaign begins for the Denver Broncos, I find myself extremely eager to watch and root for my favorite team. I’m sure I am not alone. Alas, we must be patient, it’s not even August yet. However, if you just absolutely have to get your Bronco fix there is something you can do.

This weekend the British Open is being played and by the time this article goes to press it may well be over. However, the 22nd annual American Century Golf Championship is also being contested. I know, this is one of those celebrity golf tournaments. WHO CARES!? Ordinarily, I’d agree but as I said before, if you need a Bronco fix this just might do it.

John Elway is currently in the top six going into the final day. Considering that Elway has played in this tournament for each year of it’s existence and never fared better than fifth, you might say this sounds about par for the course. Perhaps, you’re right. Still, he is within striking distance of a tournament he openly admits he’d really like to win.

Elway’s prowess on the golf course isn’t news. He carries a zero handicap and belongs to a half a dozen different country clubs and private courses. He has said in interviews that the competitive fires that he can no longer fuel with football have been kept ablaze by the challenges of continuing to improve his golf game. Knowing all that we do about his desire to win, it’s doubtful that Elway is looking at today’s final round as just a fun day out at a celebrity golf event.

If you absolutely can’t wait to root for the Broncos, why not root for the greatest Bronco of all time today? I mean, unless you’re already on a golf course.

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