To Get You Through the Most Boring Day in Sports, Here’s Some Great Broncos Content!


Peyton Manning won’t be on the sports channels tonight…actually not much will be (Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports).

Doing anything tonight?  Yeah.  Me either.

Today is officially the most boring day in sports.  Not even those of us who have been relying on baseball to fill a void have anything to hang our hats on today.

Well, worry not ye who hunger for the Broncos‘ season to begin.  Here is an hour’s worth of hand-curated, classic Broncos web content from the last 30 or so years to get you through today, and perhaps even until training camp.

Special thanks to our friend, the Internet.

2012: Peyton Manning flips the script on the Charges and the Broncos’ season.

2011: Tim Tebow uses the deep ball to outgame the Steelers’ defense on Wild Card Weekend.  Don’t pretend like you don’t miss this just a little.

2009: I’m not sure what I like better – Gus Johnson loosing his mind or Brandon Stokley winning the game with such a head’s up play.

2009: Remember when Kyle Orton was the best thing in Denver since Little Man Ice Cream?  That was just an illusion.  Never actually happened.  Apologies to Salted Oreo.  But here’s a highlight that was not an illusion.

2004: Every Broncos fan’s favorite loss.  This snow game was so cool it might have overshadowed that it was a loss…to the Raiders.  You should probably just ignore the Raiders logo at the start of the video.

Of course here’s some the pinnacle moment in Super Bowl 32.  And Super Bowl 33.

Most team anthems are really subpar musically speaking.  This one is no different.  Though it is about the Broncos…so that has to mean something, right?

1991 Wild Card Playoffs: Such a great memory from a great game.  Also, how did it take us so long as a society to get the static scoreboard graphic?

1986 AFC Championship Game:  This particular video will make you feel as if you’re wrestling with a terrestrial antenna on your roof in the snow in an orange wool sweater.  Enjoy the most iconic moment in Broncos’ history!

Do you have something you’d like for Broncos Country to enjoy today?  Share it with us!

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