Warren Moon: CFL Not a Good Fit For Tim Tebow


Sure, the Tim Tebow era in Denver is long over, and the Peyton Manning phase is well underway. Still, we still can’t help but wonder what will become of Tebow this off season.

Tim Tebow (15) walks off the field after a game against the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium. (Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports)

Will another team sign him after rookie minicamps? Perhaps Bill Belichick and the McHoodie that drafted Tebow will bring him on since the Patriots already have a quarterback in place and seem to be the only team that could curb the circus that will follow.

Many signs point to Tebow heading in the direction of the Canadian Football League much like Warren Moon, Doug Flutie, and Jeff Garcia. Moon, however, doesn’t think that the CFL is the right fit for Tebow because of their emphasis on passing.

You have to be able to throw the ball up there if anything and they throw the ball a lot,” Moon said. “There are only three downs so the passing game is much more important up there. You have got to be able to throw it and I think that’s his biggest problem, just being [able] to complete passes, be an accurate passer. I think he’s a really good athlete playing the position but I don’t think that’s enough sometimes.”

Moon went on to say that there are significant differences between Tebow, and Flutie and himself.

“We were very good passers,” Moon said. “That had nothing to do with it. We didn’t have to go up there and try and change our throwing motion. We didn’t have to go up there and try and become more accurate. We just needed to get the opportunity…

“He’s worked as hard as anybody can but there just hasn’t been that much improvement made in his quarterback fundamentals and his technique so he might think about maybe playing another position if he wants to stay in the NFL.”

It’s an interesting take from Moon, but maybe the CFL will force Tebow to become a better passer quicker than if he stayed in the NFL. At least there, he’d have a chance.

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