NFL Mandating More Video Coverage


Bronco fans will get a glimpse into the locker room this season on the stadium video boards due to the NFL’s mandatory rule that teams install cameras in the home team locker room.

For those Bronco fans who attend home games in person, the 2013 season may offer a glimpse into a side of the game we have not seen before.

In an effort to enhance the stadium experience, the league has mandated all teams to install video cameras in the home team’s locker room. Each team will operate the cameras and will decide what is aired to the fans in attendance. The video will also be available on each team’s app.

In addition to the locker room video, the league also decided that home teams will be required to show all replays available during a video review on the video boards; not just the videos the home team would choose to show.

To no one’s surprise, technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and the league is doing their best to utilize it in a way to enhance the game; as well as, the overall stadium experience. I am all for improving the stadium experience in an effort to draw people in, but I also hope the fans remember the main reason they’re at the stadium; that is to, hopefully, watch the Broncos win – regardless of what is shown on the video boards!

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