Denver Broncos vs. Baltimore Ravens: The Game of Redemption


Jan 12, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Broncos fan in the grandstands against the Baltimore Ravens during the AFC divisional round playoff game at Sports Authority Field. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Lots of surprising changes are happening all around the league this off-season. It seems that most of the teams are beefing up their lineup with former Denver Broncos. I of course say this because I know how proud I am of my team and I know my team has good players; apparently rival teams see the same. I’m not calling the Chicago Bears our rivals, but the other blue-and-orange team adding yet another former Bronco to their roster did not surprise me one bit. Joining Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall in the lineup this season is former Broncos linebacker, DJ Williams.

I think the most surprising acquisition this off-season was when the Broncos signed a player from the New England Patriots dynasty, Wes Welker. With the addition of Welker, Bronco fans were putting on the proverbial capes, puffing up their chests, and stemming their fists on their waists. It was a good “Touché” as we armed Peyton Manning with another powerful weapon, courtesy of our biggest divisional threat. What we didn’t see coming was the same could be done to us.

In fact, I don’t know what acquisition was most jaw-dropping:

  • A former New England Patriot signing with the Denver Broncos
  • A former Denver Bronco signing with the  Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens. You know, the team that ended the Broncos winning streak, took us out of the playoffs in a double OT game in our own house, and went on to win the Super Bowl? Now they have Elvis Dumervil?! Oh boy. That re-opened a fan’s healing wound and poured salt on it. However, I have faith in my team. I think this fuels the fire and will make the Broncos fans even hungrier for redemption.

I am looking forward to April 16th as that is the targeted date that the Broncos will release the schedule dates for next season. We already know the opponents, and Denver will be at home when they play Baltimore. No matter when that game will be, it will certainly be the one to watch next year for more than one reason.

Go Broncos!

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