Fan Guide to the Broncos’ Off Season


For now, Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium sits empty but things will return to normal in August 2013 when the Broncos return to action! (Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports)

The 2012 NFL season is over, which a huge relief to me because I’m starting to see a change in my thoughts regarding the woeful end to the Broncos season.  Although I still don’t like to see Joe Flacco, or any member of the Baltimore Ravens for that matter, celebrate their successful season, I have moved on from this season.  In approximately seven months Bronco fans will be on the cusp of another season; one that hopefully ends better than this previous season.  So, what do Bronco fans do to pass the time, and make it to August?  Continue reading for some things Broncos Country can do to make it through the offseason, as well as some milestones to track.

NFL Combine:  No matter how much the fans cheer, or how loud they get, the teams ultimate success depends on the coaches and the players performing on the field.  For most college players, the official NFL journey begins at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis.  The combine is February 20-26 and NFL Network will provide extensive coverage.  Tune in to find out which college players will seize their opportunity to impress coaches, scouts, and general managers.  A good or bad performance here may very well impact when a player is taken in the draft.

Season ticket renewal:  if you’re fortunate enough to be a Bronco season ticket holder, the first half of your season tickets is due on March 4, 2013.  The remaining balance will be due later this spring.  As difficult as the divisional playoff loss was, many Bronco fans who bought playoff tickets may be somewhat pleased when they review their invoice and are reminded that their account was credited with the money paid for AFC Championship tickets – a game that sadly never took place!

NFL Draft:  For many fans, the NFL draft is the highlight of the offseason because they get to see which players will be joining the Broncos.  This year’s draft will be April 25-27 in New York City.  Hopefully the Denver Broncos will provide behind the scenes coverage into the Bronco war room like they’ve done in the past as upper level management decides who they will be choosing.  The NFL Network and ESPN usually provide coverage of the three day event.

Schedule release:  Definitely, this is the event that I look forward to the most in the NFL offseason.  Not only does it allow me to see who and when the Broncos will be playing in 2013, it also kicks off my travel planning period, which is absolutely critical being an out of state Bronco season ticket holder!  With games against the Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots, New York Giants, and the Dallas Cowboys on the docket for 2013, it will be interesting to see how many times the league office will put the Broncos on the national stage (Sunday night, Monday night, and possibly Thanksgiving day).

Upgrades to Sports Authority Filed at Mile High Stadium:  Next season the game day experience at Sports Authority Field will be much different thanks to the upgrade to the video boards on both ends of the stadium, as well as the speakers throughout the stadium being replaced.  For interesting photographs and brief updates on the progress of this major project, be sure to follow Sports Authority Filed at Mile High on Facebook.

American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament:  If you’re a golf fan, the American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament is an entertaining way to spend a weekend in mid-late July watching football stars (past and present) work their way around a very picturesque golf course.  John Elway has participated in the tournament every year since its inception and, although he hasn’t won the tournament, he has played fairly well.  Elway has played in the Lake Tahoe tournament twenty-three years and has managed to place tenth or better ten times, with his best finish being second place in 2010.  I am assuming Elway will play in the tournament again this year but if he chooses to skip this tournament because he is too busy prepping for the upcoming season, I can live with that!  Click here for the tournaments official website and to see which athletes/celebrities are participating in this year’s tournament.

Past Bronco games:  I know many die-hard Bronco fans probably have games from the 2012 season still saved in their DVR so when you reach a point in the offseason that you need a Bronco fix, I suggest you hit “play” and relive some of the exciting games from this previous season.  At this point it doesn’t matter which one you watch – the home opener against Pittsburgh; the Monday night comeback against the Chargers; the dominating performance against the Saints on Sunday night; or the game in Baltimore against the Ravens, when WE dominated them!  If you find yourself still unable to relive the 2012 season, surf the internet and you will find a vast library of Bronco games from the past – from The Orange Crush defense of the late 70’s to the Super Bowl teams of the late 90’s, they’re all available with a couple clicks of the mouse.

The Complete History of the Denver Broncos on DVD:  Every die-hard Bronco fan needs to watch this DVD series to fully appreciate the Denver Broncos!  Relive the past history of the Broncos to see where and how the team started and to experience the rise to one of the NFL’s most popular and dominating teams.  Chances are if you remember something about the Broncos from years ago, it is probably mentioned in this series.

Bronco wardrobe inventory:  I feel that a Bronco fan can never have enough Bronco attire but I always take some time in the offseason to inventory my game day attire.  You may be pleasantly surprised to find a piece of orange and blue clothing you have forgotten about,  or you may identify some pieces that have seen better days so you trade them in for new Bronco stuff.  Since I’m do not live in Denver, I also find that this time of year is also a great time to go Bronco shopping since many of the stores reduce their NFL licensed attire.  If you find yourself in the same boat, don’t delay because your window of opportunity may be closing rapidly now that the 2012 season is officially over.

Bronco room makeover:  I know many fans of the Denver Broncos have a dedicated area or room of their home for their Denver Bronco memorabilia.  Like the clothing, I also take some time in the offseason to take a close look at the Bronco items I’ve collected over the years – it is kind of a stroll down memory lane and is quite enjoyable.  This year, almost as a coping mechanism for the way the season ended, I am considering a total makeover of my Bronco room!

Colorado Rockies:  It’s too bad the Rockies have hit a major slump the last couple of years,  but I would suggest that all Bronco fans follow the Rockies and monitor the season.  Counting down from opening day may be a bit excessive but know this, when the Rockies season is 3/4 complete, that means that it is time for Bronco football!

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